One of the most popular activities for every community chat in the world is the tea party. In Vietnam, for many years, young people often meet and enjoy afternoon tea, but in the style and flavor bearing Vietnamese imprint.

The artisan who made this tea decided to choose a medium fermentation method. The stages of sun drying, shading, incense “shocking” are all handcrafted and monitored every hour, every minute. TAS is one of the outstanding teas of the Fall season.

Spending a sunny and windy summer, the tea buds seem to be tempered to create a passionate floral aroma but with a bit of thorny and direct bitterness. It all seems to be deposited by the Fall. This fragrant tea drink has a golden color that shines clear as amber.

Taking a sip of tea, you will see softness gradually spread all over your mouth, a greasy taste that makes you have a little stimulation, then melt in a mild acrid taste, a bitter residue deposited in the back of the throat and immediately after that is the persistent sweet aftertaste.