When the cold wind comes, it’s time for tourists to visit hot mineral springs. Not only relaxing, bathing in these springs helps restore health, cure some skin, joint and heart diseases. Vietnam Net online newspaper presents the seven hot springs in the north of Vietnam.

* Quang Hanh in Quang Ninh province

Located in Cam Pha town, more than 10km from the centre of Ha Long city, Quang Hanh hot spring is familiar to local people. Lying on the tourism road from Ha Long to Van Don and Mong Cai, Quang Hanh hot spring is also favourite stop for many tourists.

You can choose your own bathroom or bath in a big outdoor hot mineral pool. Despite the cold, you will not feel shaky when soaking in hot mineral water of Quang Hanh. The mineral hot water not only helps the body relax but also works to prevent a number of diseases of the skin and joints. It is very good for health.

* Tien Lang in Hai Phong city

Lying 18km south of the centre of Hai Phong, the hot mineral spring of Tien Lang is no stranger to the people of Hai Phong and domestic and foreign tourists.

Hot mineral water here is considered one of the best five mineral water springs in Vietnam, which is in the same kind with the source of famous mineral water in Russia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and France.

Being brought up from the deep drilling of 850m underground, the Tien Lang hot mineral spring makes visitors feel excited and grateful. You can enjoy other services here such as mud baths, massage, herbal steam and others.

* Kim Boi in Hoa Binh province

The natural hot spring of Kim Boi in Mo Da village, Ha Bi commune, Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province, is 70 km from Hanoi. Among the hot springs in Vietnam, this has the lowest temperature, which ranges from 34-36°C.

It is not hot enough to form steam on the water but the temperature and mineral content here are good enough for disease treatment and skin relaxing.

After the bath, you can enjoy ethnic food culture and travel to nearby tourist sites such as Mai Chau and Hoa Binh.

* Thanh Thuy in Phu Tho province

Located in La Phu Commune, Thanh Thuy district, Phu Tho province, 65km from Hanoi to the northwest, Thanh Thuy hot spring is an ideal place to relax whether it is summer or winter.

The average temperature of this hot stream is from 37 to 43°C, the highest is 53°C. Thanks to multiple micronutrient content, the hot spring is capable of rehabilitation, helps blood circulation, good for the heart. In the summer, the water is treated through the radiator to reduce the temperature to about 27°C. In winter, the water is warm enough to bath.

* My Lam in Tuyen Quang province

Located in Yen Son forest, 15km from Tuyen Quang town along Highway 37, My Lam mineral spring is an ideal address for medical tourists from everywhere.

My Lam mineral stream is very clear and very hot, with temperature up to 60°C, taken directly from the depth of more than 150m. With high levels of sulfuahydro, My Lam mineral spring is also called "sulfur spring". It is rated as one of the few good mineral water mines in the north.

Besides reasonable service prices, tourists are also attracted by the peaceful and beautiful natural scenery, charming, gentle and hospitable people.

* Ban Moong in Son La province

The hot spring of Ban Moong in Hua La commune in Son La town, capital of the province of the same name, is an interesting stopover. About 7km from the centrer of the town, the spring attracts domestic and international visitors with its mineral water of 36-38 degrees, which is very good for health.

Compared with other hot streams, Ban Moong is special with traditional house-on-stilts and Thai cultural characteristics. After moments of bathing in mineral hot water, cuisine of the northwestern region will be greeting visitors before leaving.

* Kenh Ga in Ninh Binh province

Kenh Ga hot spring is in Kenh Ga village, Gia Thinh commune, Gia Vien district, nearly 20km from the city of Ninh Binh.

To come to the hot spring, you have to take a boat across the Hoang Long River to the floating village of Kenh Ga. The hot water flows from the Hang Ca mountain, with the stable temperature of 53ºC all the year round.

The water is colourless, odorless, tasting slightly tart, contain high levels of salts. Kenh Ga is listed among the top five hot springs in Vietnam.-VNA