These decisive strikes of Vietnamese athlete Quang Thi Thu Nghia brought home the first gold medal of the Pencak Silat competition in the 31st Southeast Asian Games.

In the match, which took place on the morning of May 16, Quang Thi Thu Nghia entered the fight with Siti Rahmah Binti Mohammed Nasir. This is also the first match in six final matches for the Vietnamese team.

Thu Nghia constantly faced the opponent's annoying knockdown ability. Although Nghia had an initial lead of 10 points, the score became more even while the match was going on.

In the final seconds, Thu Nghia managed to keep the score at 39-32, thereby winning the gold medal in the 70-75kg class. This was the first gold medal for the Vietnamese Pencak Silat team. This was also the 70th gold medal of the Vietnamese delegation.

This is the first time Nghia participates in a SEA Games competition. Quang Thi Thu Nghia has been trained with Pencak Silat for 10 years. Before, she was a high jump athlete./.