French photographer Rehahn Croquevielle, who had been widely known for his famous photo of an elderly woman in the central city of Hoi An, recently returned from a new expedition to seek out the final few ethnic groups of Vietnam.

Réhahn’s new photo collection titled “The Faces of Vietnam” under his Precious Heritage” portrait project, has been recently posted on BBC. The collection is a discovery of remote and isolated tribes in Vietnam.

For the last eight years, Réhahn has worked to capture images of all 54 documented ethnic groups in Vietnam.

Réhahn has witnessed first-hand the reality of modernization for many of these ethnic groups and wants to preserve and share a small part of this culture, before it is lost forever.

In January 2017, Réhahn, opened The Precious Heritage Museum in the ancient quarter of Hoi An.

He has written many famous books such as “Vietnam, Mosaic of Constrasts” in 2014, “Vietnam, Mosaic of Constrasts Vol 2” in 2015 and “The Collection, 10 years of Photography” in 2017.-VNA