Artists from the Vietnam Circus Federation debuted the play “My village” on June 18 at the Quai Branly Museum in Paris.

“My village”, a mixture of folk music, installations, and body art created by a group of three overseas Vietnamese from France and Germany was funded by the French Global Stage Association (Scene de la Terre), a world-leading organisation for producing new shows for the stage.

Nguyen Nhat Ly, an overseas Vietnamese in France , said that the first version of “My village” was debuted in August 2005 and his group has since refined the show, and presented it with the participation of only 20 artists instead of 80, as previously.

The association’s director Jean Luc Larguier said that after nine evenings at the Quai Branly Museum , the play will be performed in other venues around France , the UK , Spain , Austria and other countries.

The tour is scheduled to last three years.

Earlier, the work was performed at the Hanoi Opera-House in May of this year./.