These days, warm yellow color is glowing in the sky of Luc Ngan mountainous district in Bac Giang province. Many people refer to ripe oranges as "little suns shining in the hills."

At the end of October of each calendar year, the yellow color of the sun, the orange, and the farmer's smile on the day of harvest bring this land bustling, full of vitality. Planted in large quantity in Luc Ngan is Vinh orange variety. This type of oranges, when are planted here, have an eye-catching design, are muscular, and have a characteristic taste.

Many customers appreciate that Luc Ngan orange variety has a sour taste that gently dissolves in the mouth, a sweet taste, and a natural aroma. Therefore, oranges here are favored by merchants from many places. In the harvest season, the orange gardens from early morning to late at night are always full of visitors. Therefore, orange orchards not only bring income to the garden's owner but also create jobs for the locals.

From households growing small oranges, grapefruit, up to now, the area of planting citrus in Luc Ngan district has been increasingly expanded, with a total area of nearly 7.000 hectares.

Every year, Bac Giang province and Luc Ngan district organize a citrus fruit festival to bridge the local people and cooperatives with traders and wholesale markets. This is an activity that attracts special attention from domestic and foreign agricultural product exporting enterprises.

This year, the output of Luc Ngan citrus trees is considered by the local authorities to be the highest ever, estimated at 60.000 - 70.000 tons, an increase of about 10.000 tons compared to 2019.

To expand the market and connect enterprises with garden's owners, Luc Ngan district opened the fruit festival, from 20-22/11./.