On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the August Revolution and the National Day on September 2nd, the State Records and Archives Management Department, in coordination with the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum, holds an exhibition named “The stretch form of Vietnam National Emblem by artist Bui Trang Chuoc”. 

The exhibition introduces nearly 200 archives about the release and original sample sketch of the Vietnam National Emblem made by artist Bui Trang Chuoc, which the late artist’s family has been asking to preserve at the National Archives Center III.

Especially, when visiting the exhibition, the public has the opportunity to look at the originals of more than 100 pencil drawings, color drawings of the National Emblem, stamps, foil… made by artist Bui Chang Chuoc.

75 years ago, when the August Revolution was successful and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam was born, the state apparatus was formed and gradually improved. In the 1950s, some countries officially established diplomatic relations with Vietnam.

To continue to consolidate, establish and expand relations with the world while asserting national sovereignty through diplomatic activities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent an official dispatch to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly on the proposal to make the National Emblem and National Seal.

The national emblem composing content was then launched (in 1951) and attracted the participation of numerous artists across the country. 

Artist Bui Trang Chuoc was the first Vietnamese to draw postage stamps in Indochina. In 1953, he was assigned to create a model of commendations, medals, and decorations.

With the talent and diligent and serious work, artist Bui Trang Chuoc had a journey to create an extremely impressive national emblem with 112 detailed research drawings, sketches, and pencil drawings; in which, 15 sketches of the National Emblem of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam made by artist Bui Trang Chuoc were selected by the Central Department of Fine Arts to send to the Ministry of Propaganda for submission to the Prime Minister in October 1954./.