A recent post on The Travel described Hoi An as one of Vietnam’s most visited destinations. Apart from the distinct architecture, it is famous for its delicious street food, making it an ideal destination to explore.

Cycling is the easiest and most affordable way of getting around Hoi An, especially if one is touring the ancient town.

Local food is a great introduction to local culture. Hoi An is home to a wide range of dishes from “banh mi”, “my Quang” and “cao lau”.

Visiting ancient pagodas is also among the recommended activities in the town.

The Travel site also recommends floating paper lanterns on the river. Meant to wish for peace, happiness and good luck, floating lanterns is a popular activity among visitors to this ancient town.
Besides, strolling the streets in Hoi An at night is a good way to enjoy the town with its tranquility and old buildings decorated in colourful lights./.