After a quiet time, theatres in the northern area have been revitalised with well-loved plays. From August, artists from Hanoi’s top five theatres have performed their typical plays at the city’s Opera House.

The Drama Troupe of People’s Public Security Ministry has introduced its intriguing plays, including the “Bao cua hoang hon” (Storm of dusk) and “ Quyet dau giua suong mu” ( Battle in the mist), to audiences.

To artists, it’s a huge encouragement for them to perform at the Hanoi Opera House, considered as the centre of arts in Vietnam.

The activity is a part of a project of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to bring high quality art performances to perform at the Hanoi Opera House, hoping to bring drama to more people. 

The move has attracted audiences to come back to drama, while helping encourage artists to keep their passion for the art.-VNA