With diverse mountainous terrain, Da Lat is full of thrilling activities such as waterfall crossing, rope swinging, and trekking for tourists to challenge themselves...

If you are looking for some thrills in Da Lat, let's take a ride on the longest roller coaster in South East Asia.

Tiger Cave has long been a favorite place to explore Da Lat for foreign tourists because of its wild and beautiful nature.

The sound of a waterfall here is likened to the roar of a tiger.

However, the name Tiger Cave was created from the time when this mountain area still had a lot of tigers living there

There is nothing more "pleasant" than discovering Da Lat by a secret path. You will have a chance to cross mountains and forests and on your way, you can look down at the waterfall and trees.

To go to the Tiger Cave waterfall, you must have good health and a strong spirit because the trip is not easy.

In the forest, you will come into contact with the K'ho ethnic group in Tró village and have a chance to experience unique customs and habits./.