Residents in Thailand’s Chiang Mai city are still living with the haze pollution, which has sent almost 20,000 people in the northern city to hospital over the past month.

A thick blanket of haze still covers Chiang Mai city, forcing motorcycle riders to wear filtering masks and goggles. With the reduced visibility, motorists have to exercise increased caution when on the road.

The air micro particle reading still exceeds the allowable standard. At Chiang Mai City Hall, the reading was 190 micrograms per cubic meter, whereas a reading of 202 micrograms per cubic meter was measured at another location in Mueang district.

The Chiang Mai public health office disclosed that in February, 20,787 people were hospitalised due to the effects of the haze. The figure was 18,406 people during March 1-21. Most of the patients were children and the elderly from San Patong, Mae Rim, Mae Wang, and Saraphi districts.

The office also advised people to not do exercises in the open during this period.-VNA