Tourism has become a spearhead economic industry in the northern province of Ninh Binh, which boasts many alluring destinations, now including Thien Ha cave. The hidden cave has recently been discovered, becoming a new tourist attraction in the Trang An landscape complex.

Located in Son Ha commune in Nho Quan district, Thien Ha cave is about 700 m in length with two main areas: the 200-m dry cave and 500-m water cave. Tourists can enjoy the spectacular scenery inside – a fanciful world of unique stalagmites and stalactites. 

In 2008, local archeologists discovered traces of ancient Vietnamese people living in the cave. Now, it has become a new tourist attraction in Trang An.

Thien Ha cave has added further variety to the tourism maps of Ninh Binh and Vietnam in general. In a bid to attract more tourists both at home and abroad, the cave tourism site plans to diversify tourism services, such as homestays and community-based tourism. –VNA