Thien Mon Dao is a traditional Vietnamese martial arts sect founded by the Nguyen Khac family in Du Xa Thuong village, Ung Hoa district.

Thien Mon Dao sect has gone through 5 generations. Mr Nguyen Khac Cong is one of the people who participated in the fight against foreign invaders during the Quang Trung dynasty. Thien An Mon martial arts system has many trainings and cultivation programs.

Master Nguyen Khac Phan - head of Thien Mon Dao sect said: “Practising the righteous martial arts always helps people to see more beautiful, more will, more energy lives; and people also know when to give up to achieve better things”.

Along with other traditional martial arts, Thien Mon Dao is very popular across the country and has been taught at numerous schools. Thien Mon Dao has also repeatly represented Vietnam to attend the World Martial Art Congress.

In year 2018, Thien Mon Dao was awards a certificate of honor by the Vietnam Record Association, for “resonating Vietnamese martial arts”./.