As many as 500 Vietnamese writers, poets and translators and 151 delegates from 40 countries and territories are gathering at the third international conference to promote Vietnamese culture, which was launched in Hanoi on March 2.

The conference aims to introduce Vietnamese literature to international friends with the intent to join with other countries to build a peaceful culture where noble values are treasured through literary activities.

At the meeting, Deputy Head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Popularisation and Education Vu Ngoc Hoang highlighted that the conference is an event of peace, contributing to spreading positive human values around the world.

He underscored that literature has played an important role in traditional Vietnamese culture and customs, stressing that Vietnamese literary works should be promoted more proactively.

The conference is among a series of literature events taking place in early March presenting opportunities for Vietnamese writers to exchange and learn from one another to frame Vietnamese literature in a new context.

The event also serves as a forum for Vietnamese publishers to seek cooperation and sign agreements with foreign partners.

The first international meeting was organised in 2002 and hosted nearly 20 countries. The second event took place in 2009 and drew the attendance of over 30 countries.-VNA