The rapid development of low-cost airline in recent years seems to have made many people forget about the presence of railway.

However, in a country stretching from north to south with nearly 1700 kilometers of railway, it has been and will always play an important role, not only as a mode of transport with over a century of history but also as the lifeblood of the economy.

After all the ups and downs throughout the course of history, the Vietnam train still continued to "happily go through the four seasons", carrying dreams for many generations, just like the lyrics that have been connected with the railway industry since the date of reunification.

Only after one sits on the Thong Nhat (“Reunification”) train, a name that reflects the aspiration to unify the country as one, passing through each and every station along the length of the country, one could then truly comprehend the magnificent beauty of the Vietnamese people and nature./.