Nearly 30,000 households from the Mekong Delta province of An Giang have been evacuated to flood-proof residential clusters.

The province recently finished the construction of 203 flood-proof residential clusters covering over 830ha.

The clusters take the form of miniature urban areas, and include markets, schools and medical centres.

As scheduled, delta provinces will finish evacuating around 200,000 households from low-lying areas along Dong Thap Muoi and the Long Xuyen Quadrangle to flood-proof residential clusters.

More than 1,000 flood-proof residential clusters were built in the delta as part of a national programme from 2001-07.

Dao Thi Luyen, a resident from a flood-hit area in the delta's Long An province, said: "Thanks to this timely intervention, my family and my 200 chickens are safe from the floods."

Localities in the delta have also continued to strengthen dykes to protect rice and other crops.

Statistics from the National Steering Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention and Control showed that 11 people had died during the current floods in the Mekong Delta.

Meanwhile, storm Nalgae, the sixth so far this year, weakened to a tropical depression before making landfall, but still brought with it widespread rain.

National Hydro-meteorological Forecasting Centre Deputy Director Le Thanh Hai said: "There are no more storms forecast, at least until the end of this week."./.