Three draft revised laws – the Criminal Code, the Civil Procedure Code and the Criminal Procedure Code - were presented to the 13 th National Assembly on the first day of the ninth session on May 20.

The amended Criminal Code, with 443 articles – an increase of 99 articles from the current version, is expected to become a sharp and effective tool to fight crimes, safeguard national sovereignty and security, protect human and citizen rights, and develop a socialism-oriented market economy.

The Civil Procedure Code is revised to address shortcomings which were revealed during the enforcement of the code over the past 10 years, and is part of the Party’s judicial reform push. The revised code has 43 chapters and 491 articles, with 76 new articles, amendments and supplements to 238 articles while cutting 7 articles from the existing version.

Changes to the Criminal Procedure Code were hailed as radical and comprehensive, with the aim of enhancing the responsibility of legal bodies in protecting human rights and citizens’ rights as stipulated in the Constitution. The revised code has 38 chapters and 486 articles. Compared to the 2003 version, the draft law adds 172 articles, modifies 294 articles and removes 26 articles.

Also on May 20 afternoon, the NA heard a proposal asking for approval of the 2013 State budget balance sheet.-VNA