Police on the watch (Source: AFP)
Jakarta (VNA) – Indonesian police announced on January 15 that they had arrested three men on suspicion of links to a series of terror bomb attacks and gunfight in downtown Jakarta on the previous day, which caused seven deaths, including five attackers, and injured 20 others.

Depok area police chief Colonel Dwiyono said that the three men were captured at dawn at a house in Depok on the outskirts of Jakarta, and are being questioned over possible links to the attacks.

At present, security forces and military vehicles have been deployed across the nation, especially in areas where terror attacks have happened before like Jakarta, Bali, and South Sulawesi.

The United Nations Security Council , UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and the international community, have strongly condemned the attacks in Jakarta and conveyed sympathies to families of the victims and the Indonesian Government and people.

Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on January 14 criticised the attacks and affirmed that the Thai Government is willing to support Indonesia in all aspects.

Meanwhile, Secretary-General of Thailand’s National Security Council (NSC) Thawip Netniyom, said that the deadly bombings and gunfight in Jakarta showed that the Islamic State's activities in Southeast Asia are growing, and that the region needs to enhance intelligence cooperation.

On the same day, the Sultan of Brunei, Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, sent a message of sympathy to Indonesian President Joko Widodo condemning the attacks.

The Governments of Canada, Australia and Japan also strongly opposed the attacks and vowed to support Jakarta in investigations.-VNA