According to the top news channel of the US, the French may have introduced baguettes to Vietnam, but the country's famed “banh mi” is a uniquely Vietnamese creation.

Like many foods on this list, the ingredients will vary from north to south and east to west, it said, adding that still, a classic combination includes pork, pickled vegetables, coriander, chili and a healthy smear of pâté sandwiched by a crispy, fluffy baguette.

Regarding iced coffee, CNN said, served by street vendors and cafes alike, iced coffee can be enjoyed many ways - drink it black, with condensed milk, a touch of sugar or mixed with coconut milk.

Sit down and make new friends on a plastic stool or keep exploring with your chilled refreshment in hand, it recommends the Vietnamese street food to travelers around the world.

The third Vietnamese street food in the list of CNN is “pho”. The news channel confirmed that few street foods can compete with the international fame of pho.

It said roadside stalls and cafes serve up bowl after bowl of this hearty noodle soup, which is known for its aromatic and nuanced broth, springy rice noodles and tender protein (usually beef or chicken).

It's typically served alongside a selection of fresh garnishes, like herbs, bean sprouts, lime, chili sauce and chili slices so you can tailor the noodle soup to your liking, CNN gave more details./.