Visitors to Ly Son Island in the central province of Quang Ngai can now enjoy the beauty of the land from a different perspective, thanks to a new service run by local residents.

About 15 households on the island currently offer rides to tourists in three-wheel vehicles. On quiet days, they can instead be used to transport goods to earn money.

The initiator of the new service is Nguyen Loi, a local in Dong village, An Vinh commune. He made his own three-wheeler half of a year ago from a second-hand motorcycle bought at a price of 35 million VND (1,700 USD).

The drivers offer home-stay services and serve as tour guides around the island. The normal price for a one-day tour on a three-wheeler is 500,000 VND (25 USD), Loi said.

“The three-wheelers are convenient as they are roomy and tidy. It can carry 8-9 passengers but still fit into small streets,” Loi explained.

The service has helped ease the overload of hotels during festivals and special occasions, while also saving much money and time for visitors.

“This is the first time I’ve been to Ly Son, and I am deeply impressed by the service. I am enjoying a free home-stay, which makes me feel at home,” said tourist Nguyen Thi Huong Tram.

According to Pham Hoang Linh, Vice Chairman of the Ly Son People’s Committee, the service is suitable for the island’s poor roads.

A self-governed three-wheeler club will be formed soon, and traffic safety training strengthened to ensure safe and professional services to visitors, he added.-VNA