Thu Vong Nguyet exhibition opens at Temple of Literature hinh anh 1The image of Van Mieu, The Temple of Literature in Hanoi (Photo courtesy of Quan An Ngon)
Hanoi (VNA) - An exhibition entitled Thu Vong Nguyet (Memories of the Mid-Autumn Festival) is being held at Van Mieu (the Temple of Literature) in Hanoi.

The exhibition aims to promote tourism by introducing local and foreign visitors a collection of 200 photos of Hanoi festivities in the past and present, representing both traditional and modern celebrations.

A photo book and postcard are also being published to popularise the Temple of Literature to guests.

Prominent among the photos are Lung Linh Khue Van Cac (Sparkling Constellation of Literature Pavillion) by Le Viet Khanh, Dem Hoa Dang (Night Flower) by Nguyen Viet Thanh and many others.

Julia Epstain from Germany, who is visiting Vietnam for the first time, said: “The temple is our first destination to visit. I like the beautiful photos. Through them I learned how the Vietnamese welcome Mid-Autumn in the past and also present. I was very impressed by the culture.”

Epstain said organisers should popularise it widely so that foreigners can learn more about Vietnam and its customs and habits.

Duong Trung Quoc, a historical researcher, said he was very impressed by the festival in the Temple a month ago. He praised photographers for capturing such beautiful photos for the exhibition.

The exhibition helps to keep and preserve beautiful images in visitors minds. “The photos taken of children’s traditional games and food at the Mid-Autumn festival are valuable in particular,” he said.

A Van Mieu Temple representative said he hopes the festivities will be held every year and become a cultural trade mark of Hanoi.

Pham Thi Bich Hanh, general director of Quan An Ngon Restaurant chain, said she will try her best to bring new activities to the Temple make its relics feel “live” to attract visitors while encouraging them to respect and preserve the cultural heritage left by Vietnamese ancestors.

On the first day, hundreds of local and foreign guests visited the exhibition, which will  run until November 11.-VNA