The central province of Thua Thien–Hue has successfully applied the model of using livestock biogas to light public spaces. It not only helps save energy and State capital but also reduces environmental pollution.

Nguyen Dinh Phu from Thuy Xuan ward, Hue City raises around 30 pigs. Their stench and waste pollute the environment. With assistance from local authorities, Phu built a biogas digester in order to reduce pollution and create another source of fuel. However, his family could not consume all the biogas. The gas not used continued to pollute the environment. After a meeting with local authorities, Phu decided to work with them to use some of the gas to light the roads in his residential area.

“We do not have money to illuminate the roads, but with leftover biogas we can do it now. Security is ensured, the risk of accidents reduced, and locals can go about in the evening,” Phu said.

According to the Thuy Xuan ward, the cost of installing a lamp-post, biogas pipeline and a bulb is around 500,000 VND (or 25 USD). The expense will be covered by local authorities.

In fact, a bulb using biogas generates the same amount of light as bulbs using electricity. By exploiting biogas local people save money that they had to spend on public lighting before.

Dong Si Toan, Chairman of the Thuy Xuan ward People’s Committee, said: “Without light, it is dangerous for locals to travel after dark as there are many bumps in the road. The biogas project has changed this. The cost is little while the environment and security are ensured. Besides, relations among local people are strengthened.”

In rural areas and on the outskirts of Thua Thien– Hue, and across the whole country in general, there are many households engaging in large-scale breeding as well as trading villages. Many households built biogas digesters to serve their daily demand for energy and reduce environmental pollution.

Experts say local authorities play an important role in the use of the resource for public lighting. Besides raising awareness, they should give people financial and technical assistance.

The State and local authorities still do not have enough money to light all public places, so the model that Thuy Xuan ward in Hue City is applying seems like a good idea, they say.-VNA