Tien Huong temple is located in Tien Huong village, Kim Thai commune, Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province. This is the principle temple in the complex of Phu Day’s traditional religious architectures, which was built from The Later Le dynasty.

Despite the ups and downs of history, the temple retains its ancient features. In 1996, Tien Huong temple was repaired to include the worship of Mau Lieu Hanh (Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh)’s Father and Duc Thanh Tran (Saint Tran).

Tien Huong temple has 19 buildings with 81 compartments of various scales, together with a crescent pond and a large yard in the front. The crescent pond is surrounded by a short railing, a stone divider and two bridges which are also made of stone with lively-looking dragon carvings.

Phu Day is a complex of cultural and historical relics and it has been classified as a national-level relic site since 1975.

n 2017, Phu Day historical and cultural relics complex was honored to received a UNESCO certificate recognizing this relic site as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity for its religious activities related to Mother Goddesses Worship./.