The pagoda was built in 2010, on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of Thang Long citadel, in the traditional Vietnamese style of architecture with the massive system of Buddha statues sculpted in a lively, realistic fashion, painted in red and gilded with gold, along with delicate carvings and patterns on the rafters and plates.

The most special feature of this temple is the Hoa Binh tower. The tower was designed in the ancient style of Vietnamese pagoda towers, is 61 meters in height with 13 floors and a basement.

Visiting the famous complex of Phu Day, one can see the stupa from a few kilometers away.

With such height, this is one of the tallest Buddhist towers in Vietnam at the present time.

In Hoa Binh tower, each floor has a different Buddhist motifs with huge statues being worshipped in the center.

Each motif revolves around legends associated with Buddha and Buddhist teachings that guide people to do the right things./.