Top 10 events of 2014 in Vietnam

The Vietnam News Agency (VNA) has selected the top ten domestic events for 2014 as follows:
The Vietnam News Agency (VNA) has selected the top ten domestic events for 2014 as follows: 1. Resolutely protesting illegal acts of China in the East Sea: On May 2, China illegally placed its drilling rig Haiyang Shiyou 981 in Vietnam’s exclusive economic zone and continental shelf, seriously violating international law, running counter to the high-level agreements between the two countries, and threatening peace, security, safety and freedom of navigation in the East Sea. With the international community’s support, the entire Party, army and people of Vietnam were unanimous in strongly protesting the illegal acts of China and resolutely safeguarding the national sacred sea and island sovereignty by peaceful means.
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2. Promulgating a number of important laws: In 2014, the National Assembly approved 29 laws in order to improve economic institutions, the State apparatus and administrative and judicial reforms, ensure human rights and citizens’ fundamental obligations, and accelerate international integration. Additionally, lawmakers conducted votes of confidence on key officials in the State system elected or approved by the National Assembly. They passed a resolution verifying the results of the confidence vote.
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3. Economic growth surpasses the set target: amidst global economic difficulties, Vietnam ’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014 is estimated to expand by 5.98 percent over the previous year, exceeding the target of 5.8 percent set by the National Assembly. The average consumer price index (CPI) shows a year-on-year rise of 4.09 percent. The export turnover is estimated at 150 billion USD, up 13.6 percent from a year ago. However, the State budget overspending remains high while difficulties in solving public debts and bad debts still lie ahead.
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4. Resolution on cultural, human development adopted: The ninth meeting of the Party Central Committee (11th tenure) approved a new resolution on the building and development of the Vietnamese culture and people to match the country’s sustainable development requirements. It was following the resolution adopted at the fifth meeting of the committee (8th tenure) on promoting the unique culture of Vietnam .