Japan’s “first ladies of illusion” Ai and Yuki will thrill Vietnamese audiences with their “Zen Magic” programme in Hanoi from May 28 to June 1.

Attendees will witness unique performances such as “sakura” (peach flower), “magical water jugs”, and “flying magic” from the world super stars.

Ai and Yuki possess supreme showmanship skills and specialise in performing dramatic stage illusions infused with the beauty of traditional Japanese elements.

Their talents have been recognised during their numerous tours around the world. Ai and YuKi’s signature magic effect is the “Excalibur Illusion”, a matinee that combines magic and illusion with aerial acrobatics.

The pair also perform a variety of classic magic and illusion tricks with ease and speed throughout Zen Magic. They make water appear in empty jugs, escape from locked handcuffs, walk through mirrors and manage to disappear into thin air.-VNA