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“Vietnamese roses” vigorous in sunny Africa Society

“Vietnamese roses” vigorous in sunny Africa

Despite living and working far from their families in difficult circumstances and harsh African weather conditions, female Vietnamese soldiers in the United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan have performed their assigned tasks well and at the same time demonstrated the merits of Vietnamese women in the minds of local people and international friends.
Female commandos - “Steel roses” Society

Female commandos - “Steel roses”

Like their male counterparts, women commandoes also carry arms, ballistic protection, and other gadgets, and also take part in harsh exercises and training. They are the epitome of strength and conviction.
Gender equality: Listening to guys’ voices Videos

Gender equality: Listening to guys’ voices

A “Globalguytalk” dialogue took place in Hanoi on March 8 in celebration of International Women’s Day. Launched by the Embassy of Sweden in Vietnam, it aimed to provide a forum for male participants to share sensitive issues, including on gender equality.