With its rugged terrain, Lam Binh district in the northern province of Tuyen Quang is home to spectacular mountains and waterfalls, such as the Khuon Ha and Lang Can mountain ranges and the impressive Nam Me and Khuoi Nhi waterfalls.

Besides the stunning landscape, the district is an ideal getaway destination thanks to the friendly indigenous people. They come from diverse cultural backgrounds that enthrall visitors. Locals here have been encouraged by the government to provide homestay services.

Thanks to the active participation of locals in developing community tourism, the industry has become more and more professional, attracting both domestic and foreign visitors. Since early this year, the district has welcomed over 100,000 tourists.

Tourism has improved local livelihoods as seen through a decrease in the poverty rate of 5.5% compared to 2017 before the locality started to develop professional community tourism.

Lam Binh district expects to welcome over 161,000 tourists per year by 2025./.