Covering 4.46 million sq.m, with a population of more than 600 million people and a GDP of 2.6 trillion USD, ASEAN has emerged as a destination for tourists. Boasting tourism potential, ASEAN has attracted many tourists. Vietnam ranks fourth in the bloc in luring international visitors.

Integration into the ASEAN Economic Community has aided Vietnam’s tourism, creating a healthy competitive environment between regional countries. 

Alongside opportunities, integration also poses a challenge via labour movement for the tourism sector. If domestic workers do not improve their skills, they will lose ground. On the other hand, ASEAN tourism enterprises will have a chance to attract qualified Vietnamese workers, meaning domestic tourism face a brain drain.

Vietnam’s achievements in tourism are partly thanks to the country’s beauty, diversified culture, safety and affordability. Added to this, tourism human resource training and management has become a driving force for tourism development amidst fiercer competition in ASEAN. -VNA