A culture and tourism week is underway in the Central Highland province of Dak Nong as part of the 2014 National Tourism Year.

Opened on July 23, the event provides a good chance for visitors to discover the M’Nong plateau with beautiful waterfalls as well as nature reserves and historical relics.

Visitors will also be given an insight into the cultural identities of 40 ethnic groups in the province via the restoration of their traditional festivals.

A workshop on developing tourism products in the region also shapes part of the event, which will last until July 27.

Located in the southern part of the Central Highlands, Dak Nong boasts great potential for tourism development, with temperate climate and beautiful landscapes.

It is also home to the cultural space of Central Highlands gong, which was recognized by UNESCO in 2005 as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.-VNA