Tourists expected to flock to Vietnam after DPRK-USA Summit hinh anh 1Trang An complex in Ninh Binh province (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – Nearly 3,000 international reporters came to cover the second DPRK-USA Summit in Hanoi on February 27-28, offering the country a valuable chance to promote tourism and attract more foreign tourists in the coming time.

Deputy Director General of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) Ha Van Sieu told the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) that the second DPRK-USA Summit has put Vietnam and Hanoi in particular under the focus of the international media.

Thousands of reporters from many news and press agencies around the world coming to Hanoi to cover the meeting have seen with their own eyes the city’s beauty and attractions.

Park Ji-hwan, a report of the Seoul Daily, said through this event, Hanoi and Vietnam will become more well-known by the world, adding that he wants to come back next year for a vacation.

“The city is very nice with friendly people. I like the food. The weather here is so good so I would like to come back in next March or December,” said Park.

Annalisa Burgos, a journalist from ABS-CBN news agency of the Philippines, said this event offers a good opportunity for Vietnam to promote tourism.

Tourists expected to flock to Vietnam after DPRK-USA Summit hinh anh 2Annalisa Burgos, a journalist from ABS-CBN news agency of the Philippines (Photo: VNA)

Covering Southeast Asia column, Burgos has come to Vietnam many times, of which mostly for work and sometime for fun. She said Vietnam should take advantage of its traditions and culture, especially food to promote tourism.

“Food is a good way to promote tourism, especially now a lot of people know about Vietnamese food served at the summit.”

Burgos revealed that she will come back Vietnam for a TV series on Vietnamese food.

“People are always interested in unique experiences. For example, food journey is a good one. How do you create a coffee, the noodles, stories about how it is made and then how it is served, the traditions like that. I think people like to watch it,” the journalist clarified.

Many foreign reporters coming to Vietnam this summit also said they like the food.

Coming to Vietnam for the first time, Kan Hyeong-woo, a reporter, and his colleagues of Arirang TV channel said they are impressed by well-organised facilities for journalists at the international media centre.

Tourists expected to flock to Vietnam after DPRK-USA Summit hinh anh 3Reporter Kan Hyeong-woo (R) and his colleague of Arirang TV channel (Photo: VNA)

“Everything is good. I like Vietnamese food, especially ‘pho’,” said Kan Hyeong-Woo.

Kan told the VNA’s reporter that he wishes to return Vietnam for a vacation. “I want to go to Da Nang because of many good information and recommendations.”

According to the VNAT, Vietnam’s tourism witnessed an annual growth of 30 percent the past three consecutive years. In 2018, the country attracted some 15.6 million foreign tourists, doubling the figure of 2016.

VNAT’s Deputy Director General Ha Van Sieu said the successful hosting of the summit will help Vietnam raise its position and prestige in the world arena, and gain more sentiments from foreigners, thereby attracting more international tourists, even those who have not known much about Vietnam, and encouraging them to spend more during their holidays in the country.

Vietnam is also expected to draw more direct and indirect investments after the DPRK-USA Summit, Sieu said, adding that increased inflows of investment and foreign visitors will fuel ideas about new tourism products and new tourist destinations.-VNA