A Tigerair aircraft (Photo: Getty Images)

Jakarta (VNA) – Hundreds of tourists were stranded on the resort island of Bali on January 12 following the Indonesian government’s decision to end Tigerair Australia flights after the airline was accused of violating the country’s regulations.

The budget airline said six of its flights between Australia and Bali were being axed on January 12 and 13.

About 700 passengers were affected by the cancellations on January 12, and a similar number was disrupted on January 11. 

According to the airline, the incident occurred after the Indonesian government decided to impose new administrative requirements for the operation of its flights between Bali and Australia.

However, the Indonesian Ministry of Transport said the decision came after Tigerair committed administrative violations.

It also noted that the airline is not allowed to sell tickets for their flights in  Indonesia. Only Virgin Australia, the airline’s parent company, is licensed to sell tickets. 

All foreign airlines must comply with Indonesia’s rules, said the ministry’s spokesperson Agoes Soebagio, adding that the airline’s flights will be cancelled until the requirements are fulfilled.

Virgin Australia have sent two planes to Bali to carry the affected passengers back to Australia.-VNA