The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement does not only benefit the economies of both Vietnam and the US but is also of strategic significance for other countries, said US Senator Bob Corker.

It is necessary to balance the interest of all parties involved as well as between the two countries, Corker, who is also a ranking member of the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, told reporters in Hanoi on August 8 on the occasion of his visit to Vietnam-the first destination of his tour to some Asian countries.

The US is keen on intelligence property and the market access right in the TPP, according to the Senator.
Corker said he is optimistic that the agreement would be reached in between 12-18 months.

The Senator revealed that the US Congress has passed the civil nuclear deal with Vietnam (agreement 123) which will become effective in the next few days, contributing to bringing bilateral cooperation to a new height.

Corker said the East Sea issue was tabled during his working sessions with the Vietnamese side, stressing the need for all parties concerned to respect international law in the settlement of all territorial disputes.-VNA