Tra Vinh province has approved a plan to protect shrimps from disease (Photo: VNA)
Tra Vinh (VNA) - The People’s Committee of the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh has approved a plan to invest 2.3 billion VND (over 100,000 USD) to protect intensive and semi-intensive shrimp farms from disease.

The province will take samples of shrimp, water and mud before and during the shrimp season, and then take measures to reduce disease to meet requirements of importing countries.

The plan will contribute to the development of the province’s shrimp farms and expand the shrimp export market.

By 2020, the province expects to have 26,170 hectare of shrimp farming area and shrimp output of 70,600 tonne per year.

This season, the province has 20,000ha of tiger prawns and 5,000 ha of white-legged shrimps.

The output of the province has reached 15,600 tonnes of tiger prawns and 24,000 tonnes of white-legged shrimps.

In addition, farmers in the province have expanded super-intensive farming using advanced techniques. The province now has 350ha of white-legged shrimp farming under the model, up 2.5 times compared to last year.

Farmer can harvest 40 tonnes per hectare per crop, seven to eight times higher than in the traditional model.-VNA