Tra Vinh (VNA) – An enterprise based in the Mekong Delta province of Tra Vinh has been stepping up the export of coconut shell activated carbon and other coconut products as a way to benefit the company itself and local farmers.

Between January 1 and February 10, the Tra Bac Joint Stock Corporation (TRABACO) shipped more than 900 tonnes of coconut shell activated carbon to various markets, including the US, the UK, the Republic of Korea, Japan, Peru, Ecuador, Israel, and China.

General Director of the firm Huynh Khac Nhu said his company has inked a number of contracts with both new and existing partners since the year’s beginning, with 2,000 tonnes of coconut shell activated carbon to be delivered between now and June 2021.

TRABACO’s activated carbon, used for air purification, gold refining, electroplating, and odor control in different industries, meets environmental and health safety standards, thus winning over trust from many domestic and foreign businesses and consumers, he noted.

The product has been exported to more than 30 countries and territories in around the world.

Apart from coconut shell activated carbon, the company also produces and exports others made from coconut like coir carpets, dried coconut shreds, and frozen coconut milk.

To improve product quality and ensure stable material supply, it has contracted farmers to develop a 300ha organic coconut farming zone in Tieu Can district and partnered with a local agricultural cooperative in coconut purchase.

Nhu added these are initial steps in the firm’s plan to form a zone of clean material supply, which will help promote TRABACO’s product quality as well as income for farmers in Tra Vinh province./.