A glimpse of Vietnam's history and its diversified culture will be depicted in a traditional arts performance that debuts in HCM City on September 23.

The Soul of Vietnam will be a one-hour show, targeting at foreign tourists.

According to actress Linh Huyen, general director of the Mekong Artists Joint Stock Company, who is also the show's organiser, she has nurtured the idea for the past three years.

"I wanted to show foreign tourists a part of our glorious history as well as our soulful culture through different Vietnamese traditional art forms," she said.

The Soul of Vietnam will be divided into three parts. The first, titled Legend of Hai Ba Trung, will depict the popular uprising (AD40-43) led by the Trung sisters against Chinese rule. The impressive image of the two national heroines riding elephants chasing the invaders will be replicated on stage.

The second part, Vietnam – My Homeland, will offer audiences a tour through the country with scenes depicting the daily lives of people from three regions. Traditional music genres from each region, including xam singing (or blind buskers singing) from the North, court music from the imperial city of Hue in the Central region, and cai luong (reformed theatre) of the South, will all be presented.

The third part, Suc Hap Dan Cua Van Hoa Sai Gon (The Attraction of Sai Gon's Culture), will present a vivid image of the biggest city in Vietnam.

Over 60 artists and musicians will gather to perform at the show.

To help foreign audiences understand each act, English programmes will be provided before the show.

The Soul of Vietnam will take place at the HCM City Municipal Theatre, 7 Lam Son Square, District 1, at 6pm on the 15th and 23rd day every month. Tickets cost 25 USD.

Huyen said her company has held discussions with tour companies in HCM City about adding the show to tour schedules./.