Since riding-hailing platforms like Grab arrived in Vietnam, many traditional taxi companies have lost their lion’s share of the market, some have had to reduce the number of vehicles and others have dissolved. Now, traditional taxi companies have joined hands to seek solutions.

As a white-collar worker, Tran Ngoc Dung’s work requires him to travel around the city for business; therefore taxis are the best means of transportation.

Previously, he used to book a Grab taxi but now he has shifted to G7 service.

Not only bringing more benefits for customers, after merging, traditional taxi drivers’ income has increased but they also have to take the initiative in improving quality service to keep customers.

G7 taxi consists of three big names including Thanh Cong, Ba Sao and Sao Hanoi. After two months of introduction, G7 taxi has 3,000 cabs, mostly in Hanoi.

After the merger, G7 taxi has continued to invest in technology. In the coming time, the group will join with four other taxi companies to strive to become the biggest app-based taxi model in Vietnam.-VNA