During the six-day holiday, 263 accidents occurred across the country, killing 162 people and injuring 184 others.

There was an average of 44 traffic accidents per day during the holiday. Each day an average of 27 people were killed and 31 were injured.

The total number of traffic accidents comprises those that happened on roads, waterways and trains. Road accidents alone killed 150 and injured 183 in a total of 249 collisions.

Three people also went missing in waterways accidents, according to the National Traffic Safety Committee.

On May 3, 30 died and 32 were injured in 51 traffic accidents across the country. On May 2, the country saw 49 traffic accidents that left 41 dead and 43 injured.

Between April 28 and May 3, the police handled more than 54,600 traffic violations. They also detained 183 cars and more than 7,200 motorbikes, and revoked 1,400 driving licences.

The committee’s hotline received more than 230 citizen reports on traffic safety violations - mostly about overloaded buses. The hotline gave the reports to local authorities, who were ordered to handle the incidents.

In 2014, Vietnam recorded 224 traffic accidents during the national holiday from April 30 to May 4, which claimed 117 lives and injured 151 people.-VNA