The Ministry of Public Security of China returned 10 Vietnamese children who had been trafficked to China to the Vietnamese side at a ceremony in Guangxi province on May 3.

The children were rescued in a special operation called “8.6.2011”, jointly coordinated by the Ministry of Public Security of the two countries.

In February, 2011, Guangxi police received information about a criminal gang that smuggled Vietnamese children to localities in Guangdong province, China, then the operation “8.6.2011” was set up to investigate the case.

In July, 2011, Chinese police arrested 43 people suspected of trafficking children, and rescued 10 Vietnamese children - the youngest was under 10 days old, and the oldest only seven months old.

Some of the children suffered from illnesses, but all recovered after treatment in Chinese hospitals.

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security has pledged to accelerate activities to end trans-national children trafficking and foster cooperation with its Vietnamese partner.

The ministry has rescued and returned 1,804 trafficked women and 41 children to Vietnamese authorities since 2009.-VNA