The Party and Government will put concrete policies in place to push investment in the country's north-western region, especially in developing transport and communications and providing credit for industrial crop cultivation, thus creating jobs for local people.

The statement was made by Deputy Prime Minister Truong Vinh Trong, head of the steering committee for the north-west region, while talking with a Vietnam News Agency reporter during his working trip to Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province.

In the past, people in the north-west frequently suffered from hunger, Trong recalled, adding that they have recently become food self-sufficient. In particular, infrastructure facilities have been built, contributing to improving local people's living standards.

Speaking of the severe climate, harsh topography, people's low awareness and economic under-development in the north-west, the deputy prime minister said that priority should be given to human resource development.

"Special attention should be paid to the younger generation, through various forms of education and training, including on-the-spot training, training at institutions in major cities, and even in countries with advanced education systems," he stressed.

He pointed out that although the mountainous terrain has seen improved transport links, it has not sufficiently met local demand. "The north-west needs more roads, railways and air links," he emphasised, adding, "in order to raise people's living conditions, communications and transport with neighbouring countries that share our borders should be stepped up." He cited China and Laos as examples.

When asked about recent disorders caused by illegal gathering of Mong people in Huoi Khon hamlet, Nam Ke commune, Muong Nhe district, Trong said that the incident has been settled in a humanitarian and peaceful manner.

There were some reasons behind the incident, including the limited awareness, light-mindedness and curiosity of people who were tricked with superstitious stories by instigators.

Those who had taken part in the gathering have peacefully returned to their home villages, he stressed.

The deputy prime minister urged local people to preserve and continue developing the nation's unity and devote themselves to developing production.

"The Party and State will create every necessary condition to enable local people to experience the benefits of economic development," he emphasised./.