The Transport Ministry has proposed that the Public Security Ministry oversee the registration of all electric cars, raising the fact that they currently do not come under any control.

Deputy Minister Le Dinh Tho said that the electric car should be recognised as a mean of passenger transport subject to the Road Traffic Law.

He said that all electric cars must be registered with police and given number plates for better management.

The same rules would apply to drivers of electric cars and fuel-driven cars with the same number of seats.

A ministry pilot programme on the use of electric cars was adopted three years ago in Hanoi .

Now, 621 electric cars serve tourists in Hanoi, Sam Son town in central Thanh Hoa province, Cua Lo town in central Nghe An province and Dong Hoi city in central Quang Binh province.

Deputy Minister Tho said that electric cars provided environmentally friendly transport and helped reduce pollution.

"An electric car that can carry seven passengers also helps reduce traffic congestion caused by motorbike taxis and xich lo (cycle)," he said.

Tho said it was time to create regulations for the operation of electric cars, including the number allowed in each area, the routes they can run and those set aside for tourists.

"Regulations are needed because some provinces not included in the pilot programme, such as Da Nang and Lao Cai, began to use electric cars," he said.

Tho said the number of electric cars in an area should be limited to 150.-VNA