Many countries have softened their travel advice on Thailand after the political rallies in Bangkok subsided, according to the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Spokesman of the Thai Foreign Ministry Sek Wannamethi said there are 34 countries and two special economic zones which still maintain their travel advisories for tourists visiting Thailand . However, many of them have reduced the intensity of their travel notices by saying that the situation in Thailand has much improved.

The spokesman added that the US Embassy in Thailand and the Delegation of the European Union to Thailand have voiced their support for the Thai government's democratic approach and opposed the protesters' occupation of government offices.

Sek pointed out that the foreign media were closely monitoring the situation in Thailand and were very much interested in the government-sponsored forum between the private sector and academics to find solutions to the country's political standoff.

According to him, the head office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Si Ayutthaya Road, which was previously seized by anti-government protesters, and the Department of Consular Affairs on Chaeng Wattana Road have now resumed their operations. However, two other offices of the ministry located inside the Government Complex remain closed as the protesters are still occupying the premises.-VNA