Treasury offloads bonds for 336.3 million USD hinh anh 1 Hanoi Stock Exchange staff conduct check-ups on and supervise G-bond auctions. (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - The State Treasury sold G-bonds worth nearly 7.5 trillion VND (336.3 million USD), or 73.2 percent of the bonds offered on the primary market, between April 11 and 15.

In the previous week, the winning rate of bonds offered on the primary market was 86.3 percent, the bond auction’s organiser, the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX), said.

The deals included three-year bonds worth 3.9 trillion VND, five-year bonds amounting to 2 trillion VND, 303 billion VND-worth ten-year bonds and 15-year bonds-worth 1.237 trillion VND.

The three-year bonds, the most attractive item at the auction, were all offloaded. Ninety five percent of the 15-year bonds were also sold out, while the quantity of the five-year bonds and ten-year bonds sold was 50 percent and 30 percent, respectively.

The annual coupon rate for ten-year bonds fell slightly by one basis point to 6.94 percent, while yields for bonds of three years, five years and 15 years were unchanged at 5.55 percent, 6.40 percent and 7.65 percent, respectively.

In the primary market, as of April 15, the Government issued 100.8 trillion VND-worth G-bonds and Government guaranteed bonds, including bonds worth more than 87 trillion VND issued by the State Treasury, 13 trillion VND-worth bonds issued by the Vietnam Development Bank and bonds worth 600 billion VND issued by the Bank for Social Policies.

Meanwhile, the transaction liquidity on the secondary market improved, with an increase in transaction value of 27.5 percent compared to last week’s figure, to reach 22.4 trillion VND. Each day, average trading reached 4.5 trillion VND. Outright transactions accounted for 56 percent, mainly on the three-year bonds, while the repo transactions accounted for 44 percent. Foreign investors sold bonds worth 31.4 billion VND in the week.

On April 20, the treasury offloaded another 9.8 trillion VND-worth of bonds, including three-year bonds-worth 3.9 trillion VND, 5.2 trillion VND-worth five-year bonds, 691 billion VND-worth 15-year bonds and 7 billion VND-worth 20-year bonds.-VNA