A moving story about a family whose lives were in danger because of people's lack of environmental awareness has won the first monthly award of a video clip competition run by Siemens Vietnam.

In the video, produced by Tran Quang Tung and his friends from the Hanoi Arena University , the family was saved by a young citizen.

Entitled Trees Talk, the clip was judged to be excellent in both content and technique in the contest named Sustainability, All We Need Is U.

Erdal Elver, CEO of Siemens Vietnam and chief of the jury panel, said the story reflected on-going environmental issues and inspired hope and trust in the younger generation.

"We're very pleased to receive a strong response from Vietnamese students for this contest on sustainability," Elver said. "It is clear evidence that the Vietnamese young generation are knowledgeable and keen to learn about current affairs. All entries were of high quality and showed a high level of investment from contestants. It was very difficult for the jury to decide which one was best."

Siemens Vietnam launched the video clip contest in June to increase awareness about sustainability and to appeal to the sense of responsibility and responsive action of young people.

The monthly contest will be open for submissions until August 31. Registration details and further information about the contest can be found at http://www.thanhphobenvung.com.vn.

The contest is open to Vietnamese students of all universities and colleges in Vietnam and overseas.

The jury will select the five best entries for the final round in which short-listed film-makers are required to make a presentation each about his/her video clip.

There are prizes for the winners and for participants, such as "Best video clip of the month" and "Video clip of choice" voted by the website's members.

This is the second time Siemens Vietnam has run a contest for Vietnamese students.

The 2010 photo contest, titled HCM City 21, A Green and Sustainable City, attracted a lot of attention./.