In recent years, Ninh Thuận becomes one of the most favorite destinations on the South Central coast that tourists love to visit.

This place is not only famous for its long sandhills, dreamy beaches, and local vineyards but also its cuisine.

The first meal tourists should try when coming here is bánh căn (căn cake). Căn cake is made from simple materials, which are wet milled rice and meat or seafood.

Milled rice will be put in many terracotta cups and baked in a round earthen oven. When căn cake is cooked, the cook will separate it from the terracotta cup and stack it on other cakes. 2 cakes will be put on one stack, with fresh onion in the middle of the cakes.

Depends on the order, the cook can add eggs, pork, or different kinds of seafood to căn cake. Customers can eat the cake with a special dipping sauce with salty, sweet, and hot tastes.

Chicken rice is another must-try dish for tourists. With this dish, people have the right to choose pieces of chicken that they like. And then they can eat chicken meat with a sweet and sour sauce.

In many night markets of Ninh Thuận, tourists can easily find various kinds of delicious chè, which are popular because of year-round hot weather in this region. Chè stalls always have many kinds of nuts milk, yogurts, and smoothies.

Travelers can’t ignore the seafood of Ninh Thuận. Seafood in this region is fresh and delicious. The best place to try seafood in Ninh Thuận is a fleet of floating rafts in Vĩnh Hy Bay. The seafood here is good and the scenery is breathtaking. Those two elements will leave a good impression in the mind of tourists.

Besides, Ninh Thuận is known for its lamb meat. The meat has high nutritional value and is healthy. But it is not easy meat to cook a good meal, for its distinctive smell.

Luckily, Ninh Thuận has some specialized lamb restaurants that can offer customers delicious dishes thanks to their unique recipes.

From street foods to local specialties, Ninh Thuận’s cuisine always impresses travelers, no matter where they come from./.