With more than 8,000ha of enclosed farming area, the fish farming trade in the reservoir of Tuyen Quang hydro power plant is generating thousands of job for local people. It also contributes to developing ecotourism in the locality.


Vu Duy Ly’s family has been farming fish in Na Hang reservoir for the past five years. With 8,500 USD in support from local authorities, Ly invested in six cages to raise local specialties such as goby, hemibagrus catfish, and black carp.

Tourists flock to the reservoir in Na Hang to visit the fish cages and learn about how each type of fish grows and develops.

In order to encourage economic development in the reservoir, the local authority of Na Hang district has provided financial support of numerous kinds to local people.

The developing of fish farming in the reservoir has generated jobs for and improved the livelihoods of local people. Last year, Na Hang raked in more than 4.2 million USD from fish farming and ecotourism services. This opened up a new sustainable development model for the aquaculture sector in the Tuyen Quang hydro power plant reservoir.-VNA