There are currently 6 households participating in the community tourism model in Thuong Lam village, Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province. Some homestays have already welcomed hundreds of tourists and visitors. Realizing the potential, Lam Binh district is now working on tourism products imbued with its cultural characteristics. 

Lam Binh district is considered the most beautiful and naturally-endowed locality in Tuyen Quang province. With a scenic and peaceful river running through endless mountains, ancient forests with winding paths, visitors can get to the 8000-hectare Tuyen Quang reservoir, Pắc Tạ mountain, Khuổi Nhi waterfall and more exciting, untouched landscapes.

To promote sustainable tourism, Lam Binh is working on preservation work and recreating ancient festivals with indigenous cultural traits. Basic service training for locals is also required.

Lam Binh district covers 78,000 ha, of which 80% is natural forest, and has a population of more than 30,000 people, including 14 ethnic groups. Lam Binh district and TuyenQuang province are determined to focus on developing Lam Binh tourism in a sustainable way to become a friendly destination for domestic and foreign tourists./.