HCM City Television (HTV), in co-operation with its partners, will broadcast a special live programme tonight to mark the 70th anniversary of the Vietnam People's Army and the 25th anniversary of the National Defence Day (December 22).

The 150-minute programme, Vinh Quang Bo Doi Cu Ho (Glorious Uncle Ho's Soldiers), will feature celebrations around the city and in Cao Bang, Quang Binh and Dong Nai provinces.

The show's first part, Tu Nhan Dan Ma Ra (The Army of the People), focuses on the period between 1944 and 1954.

The second part titled V i Nhan Dan Chien Dau (Fight for the People) features the period of 1954-1975, and the third, Quan Doi Cua Hoa Binh (The Army of Peace), tells stories and events from 1975 to now.

There will also be reports on people and soldiers who live at the historic sites of Cao Bang and Quang Binh as well as HCM City's Cu Chi District, a heroic land that played a significant role in the American war.

Cu Chi lost 11,000 soldiers and is now home to 200 Heroic Mothers and 3,000 invalid veterans, all of whom are under the care of local authorities and other people.

Its Ben Duoc Memorial Temple will be highlighted. The temple was built to honour 45,000 heroes and martyrs across the country who died in battles during the French and American wars.

The show will be followed by 12 documentary reports featuring the beginning and development of the army during the last 70 years, which highlight talks by generals and heroes, and history researchers.

The show expects an audience of hundreds of Heroic Mothers, and veterans and soldiers invited by the organisers. The show will be broadcast live on HTV7 and provincial TV stations.

According to the show's general director Le Thuy, HTV and its partners, including the People's Army newspaper, hope that younger generations learn more about the country's history and revolutionary traditions.

The show will also include music, dance, and drama performed by about 400 artists from professional art troupes.

Songs, recognised as canons of the patriotic music, written by talented composers such as Luu Huu Phuoc, Do Nhuan and Hoang Viet, will be highlighted.

"Our artists have spent days to prepare for the show. We found inspiration by singing patriotic tunes, discovering that performing is learning," said Thuy.-VNA