Police of the central province of Thanh Hoa detained two individuals who trafficked two bricks of heroin (about 350gr each) and injured three police officers on late January 7.

Local police said on January 8 that the arrested were Thao Van Di, born in 1961, from Viengxay district, Laos’s Houaphanh province, and Thao Van Po, born in 1966, from Nhi Son commune, Thanh Hoa’s Muong Lat district.

They used a gun and knives to resist on-duty police officers after being stopped in Nhi Son commune for violating traffic rules.

Apart from the heroin bricks, police also seized one CKC rifle, 11 bullets, two knives, and many other objects.

The duo later admitted that they brought the drug from Laos to Thanh Hoa for selling.

The case is under further investigation.-VNA