Hanoians put high expectations on the To Huu-Le Van Luong underground tunnel project, which is expected to open to traffic on October 10. With a total investment of more than 700 billion VND, the project is in the final stage of completion after nearly 2 years of construction.

This is the most difficult tunnel to build until now due to the narrow ground condition. Currently, the building progress has been nearly 90% completed.

According to the original design, the tunnel is on Le Van Luong street. It will go underground through the Khuat Duy Tien-To Huu intersection and Ring Road 3. After the tunnel is completed, the intersection will have a total of 10 lanes of traffic. This will be the fourth underground tunnel in the capital.

With the plan to reduce congestion in Hanoi, the new Linh Dam bridge has also been nearly completed. This is the first iron arch bridge over a lake in Hanoi.

Located on the Linh Dam peninsula, running under Ring Road 3, the bridge is exclusively for motorbikes. The two projects are expected to partially solve the serious traffic congestion problem in Hanoi./.